Cornbelt Kennel Club, Bloomington, Illinois

Exhibitor Hospitality

Dear Exhibitor,

On behalf of the Heart of Illinois Dog Show Cluster, welcome to Bloomington-Normal. We hope you have a great weekend, in and out of the ring. We are proud of our Cluster and hope to improve it every year, so we welcome your suggestions and comments.

We also need your help. As you know, more and more hotels and motels are refusing to accept dogs because of irresponsible behavior by some dog owners in the past. Currently, there are four hotels printed in our premium list which will accept dogs, and we certainly don't want to see any of these hotels change their policy. To help ensure that area lodgings will continue to open their doors to dogs, please observe the following:

  • Do not leave dogs loose or unattended in the motel rooms. Always crate your dogs when you are absent.
  • Clean up after your dog outside. We have provided plastic bags at the front desk for your convenience, and we have asked the hotels to place a receptacle near exercise areas.
  • Ask the motel/hotel staff for the proper area to exercise dogs.
  • If your dog should have an accident, please report it to the motel staff immediately. Clean up is much easier and more effective if handled promptly.
  • Do not use hotel linens to bathe or clean up after your dogs

We have asked the motels to notify the Cluster Committee if problems arise, property is destroyed, or if the above guidelines are not followed. The host club and the AKC will be notified. Violators will be subject to Bench Show hearings and will not be invited to return to our shows.

Thank you for participating in our Cluster weekend. Information about the Bloomington-Normal area is available at the Education and Information table at the Interstate Center and at your motel.


Exhibitor Hospitality