2020 Hotel Manager Information

Heart of Illinois Cluster Shows
May 22-25, 2020

Interstate Center - 2301 West Market Street - Bloomington IL 61704

Dear Hotel manager,

On behalf of the Heart of Illinois Dog Show cluster we would like to thank you for allowing our exhibitors and their dogs at your hotel. We hope to keep you in our listing each year so we have some suggestions and guidelines to help ensure both you and our exhibitors have an enjoyable weekend.

Please designate an acceptable area for walking dogs. We will be providing plastic bags for the dog owners to use for cleaning up after their dogs. Please make these available at the front desk. Place a disposal receptacle in the designated exercise area.

We will provide copies of letters that we ask you to give to our exhibitors when they check in to remind them of what is expected during their stay at your hotel. These dog owners understand that there will be consequences if they leave their hotel rooms in an unsatisfactory condition. Some properties ask exhibitors to sign a copy at check-in and/or inspect rooms prior to completing check-out. We suggest that you ask your housekeeping staff to immediately alert you to any concerns.

Steps to take if there is any concern re condition of a room:

  • Please take a picture of the room before your staff has serviced it (This will provide evidence at the exhibitor’s hearing)
  • Immediately contact one of these individuals in charge of the shows – do not wait until later. Once the exhibitors leave the area there is much less we can do to help rectify the situation.

    • David Lander 309-275-5414
    • Debbie Melgreen 309-369-8412

If they do not answer please leave a message with your name, hotel, phone number, name of offending parties and brief description of your concern.

These steps will help ensure that the exhibitors are held responsible for their actions. The large majority of our people are considerate. Over the years we have enjoyed a good relationship with our area hotels and your continuing hospitality is appreciated. We want to do whatever is necessary to maintain this relationship. Please let us know if you have any suggestions – and contact us immediately if you have any concerns.


Exhibitor Hospitality

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